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“ In Idea s.p.a. we adopt the Total Quality Policy


We care the product and the service provided to our customers through:

•Company certification according to ISO9001:2008
•Robust design approach proved through severe product validation lab tests
•High quality branded components 
•Continuous monitoring of the production process.
•Continuous training and involvement of the human resources
•A Customer Care Dept. and an After Sales support to our customers

We work hardly in order to give to the market

Products and Services at the highest level

for a world wide customer satisfaction. 


Idea Spa is a company certified EN16001 for the Energy Management


EN 16001 offers a – certified - systemic approach to monitor and reduce the energy consumption in all kinds of organizations.

It is the European standard based on Plan-Do-Check- Act cycle, with requirements for establishing an energy policy with concrete objectives, putting in place actions to reduce and monitor energy use, verifying energy savings and planning improvements.


What are the Benefits?

•Reduce costs
•Reduce GHG emissions
•Improve business performance
•Sustainable Savings into future
•Marketing Opportunities
•Enhanced Competitiveness
•Improve Public Image
•Safe Guard against future legislation
•Certified reduction in Energy Saving