In a world where energy resources continue to be misused and therefore unnecessarily dispersed, Gruppo Giordano uses the knowledge of its staff for a depth research and the production of innovative electronic systems designed to save energy, using advanced and intelligent techniques.

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High temperature switch

A contact bimetallic thermostat as an overheating limiter.
A low-cost device, available with various set points, the single pole contact is normally closed.
Mounting bracket available.

Temperature probes

NTC thermistor temperature probes with β3937 or β3435, are available for immersion applications - Thread 1 / 8GAS or bulb for dimple applications – as well as cuff designed contact probes for from 12 to 22 mm diameters pipes.

Water pressure switch

The water pressure switch is an electromechanical safety device that ensures a minimum water pressure in the system for burner ignition.
The connections on water side are 1/4 or 1/8 Gas ISO228 with various setting ranges for working pressure ranges of 0.2 to 9 bar; the electrical contact is a Single Pole Double Throw with faston connections.

Water pressure sensor

The water pressure sensor generates an output electrical signal proportional to the measured system pressure. Available with quick hitch water connection thread (1/4 - 3/8 Gas).
The wide range of operating pressures (0-16 bar) for many application requirements. Powered by 8.5-30Vdc, it generates a response signal of 0-5Vdc, 2.5mm electrical connection rast.

Outdoor temperature sensor

The weather compensation sensor optimizes heating flow setpoint according to outside temperature and the selected temperature curve.
Available with NTC thermistor (β 3435 or β3937), an easy to install robust product thanks to the high resistant plastic casing.

Air pressure switch

The air pressure switch is an electromechanical safety device designed to determine the presence of air in gas appliance combustion. They operate at positive, negative or differential pressure.
A sturdy and reliable product at a competitive price, low hysteresis and excellent repeatability. Available from 15Pa to 2500Pa, with adjustable or fixed set point.

Gas boiler
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